SIPSEMX has experts in different fields, which gives us the possibility of having a broad portfolio of products and services, with the quality and creativity that characterizes us.

"Energy at your service"


Attend to the energy sector in the electrical field providing advice and engineering services, design, inspection, testing, commissioning, reception of equipment, substations, master systems (SCADA), telecontrol, electrical sectioning equipment, study and coordination of electrical protections .

Integrate new, better and safer alternative energy; as well as the optimization of existing ones with instrumentation and control complements to make companies 100% profitable. In addition to being committed to the maximum with our ecology and the environment avoiding damage.

To be a leading company, competitive in the global market within the electric sector, offering integral solutions with a range of products and services diversified to the level of our customers, complying with the intensity and response in time demanded by customers in this globalized world.


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